With its history of over 150 years, restaurants and stores in between stone houses that we never tire of visiting, and narrow authentic streets waiting to be explored, Alaçatı is a “must-go” on our holidays. In this journey, we are elated to be a part of your unique Alaçatı experience.
Welcome to Cassiopeia…
Our dream of managing a “B&B” in Alaçatı started to come true in 2013, when we began operating “B House Boutique Hotel” as a family. Now in 2016, we are delighted to be serving you in our own hotel, Cassiopeia, which we’ve built and prepared to operate with upmost care.
We named our hotel after Cassiopeia Constellation, also known as The Queen Constellation, which never sets and has been used to find North Star for ages. Living up to our name, we hope to become the queen of Alaçatı, guiding “sailors in spirit who are in search of their own North Stars”. 
As our guests, you are welcomed to explore our unique hotel, which holds little details like coffee mills and old traditional trays passed on to us from our grandmothers, hand-made decorations and pictures, and authentic objects reflecting the originality of Alaçatı. 

Inspired by precious stones, different themes of our hotel rooms welcome you with surprises each time you visit. However as the Gülhan Family, our genuine hospitality never falters; we are overjoyed to accompany you in your visit.
The father of the family Sedat Gülhan’s meticulousness tracable even in the smallest details, the mother of the family artist Ceylan Gülhan’s aesthetic perception, and the daughter Ceren’s heartfelt smile offer you a sincere atmosphere during your stay. Combined with Doğan’s quick service Aynur’s delicious treats, and of course our lovely Lokum’s playfulness, we are ready as a family to ensure an unforgettable visit to our guests.
We are looking forward to the days you will be waking up to sounds of birds chirping in the midst of flowers, and having breakfast with the smell of our homemade pastries. 
Just like Cassiopeia Constellation guiding the sailors, we hope that Cassiopeia Hotel will be your guidance for an enjoyable holiday… 
Gülhan Family